We are excited to have Angels Staircase 60k/35k included in the 2014 US Skyrunner Series. Be sure to check out the offical race video from Project Talaria!

Registration Now Open!
Unlike any other race in the Northwest United States. This is a true high alpine running experience. The races climb to 8000ft(starting from 2100ft!) above sea level at the top of Angels Staircase, a rough and rocky trail that climbs above treeline to the top of the rocky ridge line that separates the Lake Chelan Watershed from the Methow River Watershed. From the high points of the course you can see Glacier Peak and the surrounding North Cascades Mountains to the West as well as the smaller and older Okanogan Range to the North and East. You'll run through forests of pine, larch and fir trees, alpine meadows, past alpine lakes, along side roaring creeks but other than the 3 miles of dirt forest service road at start and at the finish you won't see a single road or car or any buildings-- this is as remote as it gets!

Due to the remoteness and the difficulty of the 60k course this can't be your first rodeo! Runners must qualify by completing at least two "mountain" 50k races or longer prior to registering for the 60k. There is no longer a requirement to do the 35k but you should still be prepared to run what is possibly one the hardest races you have ever done.