We are excited to have Angels Staircase 60k/35k included in the 2014 US Skyrunner Series. Be sure to check out the offical race video from Project Talaria!

Registration Now Open!


Register: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=27809

Entry Fees: 
60k-- $90(not including tax and processing fees) or $100(not including tax and processing fees) after 10pm on August 1 2014  (not including price of shirt)
35k-- $55(not including tax and processing fees) or $65(not including tax and processing fees) after 10pm on August 1 2014  (not including price of shirt) 
NOTE: The higher than normal prices are a factor of the remoteness of the race. The extra money will be used for additional safety and communication.

This can't be your first rodeo! The 60k runners are required to have run at least two races in the mountains of 50k or greater distance before you sign up!!! The 35k no longer has a qualification requirement but you should still be prepared to run one of the hardest races you've ever ran. These race courses are very hard, very steep, very technical and very remote. Dropping out during the race will require walking or running numerous miles to the closest road. The 60k and 35k courses do not cross a single road except for the first and last 3 miles which are on dirt forest service rd.

Mandatory Rules: 

All 60k runners at all times must carry either two full size(20-22oz) water bottles or a hydration pack.

All 35k runners must carry at least one water bottle(20-22oz) or a hydration pack.

All Runners must always yield to horses, mountain bikes and motorbikes.

No cutting swtichbacks or running off trail or taking short cuts of any kind.

No cheating of any kind including no assistance from crews outside of aid stations, no performance enhancing drugs or other unfair, unhealthy, or unsportsmanlike methods of improving performance.

Prior signing up each runner must watch this entire video about trail safety: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb9gPjafhWo&feature=player_embedded

Runners also must obey the instructions of race staff and volunteers, failure to do so will result in disqualification and a permanent and lifetime banning from all Rainshadow Running races. 

Recommended Gear(but not required):
Course Map
Course Description
Lightweight Jacket
Bug Repellent
Extra Food and Water and Electrolytes

T-Shirt: $30(not including taxes and processing fees) additional. Really nice shirt sleeved Patagonia Capilene  with artistic logo. GENDER SPECIFIC SIZES ***Deadline is July 20th to get shirt!